Rainbow Artist



I am an artist working with a captured audience of engineering professionals where I get to pursue creativity on my own terms and add color to the technical language of science.

Here you will find colorful and joyful representations of the most complex engineering principles. Esoteric word problems morphed into a joyous composition to delight both sides of the brain: precise engineering/mathematical principles and gorgeous color/composition. 

I never strayed from my childhood love of color and am enthralled with bringing whimsical joy to the engineering and scientific world. Creating a new piece is a wonderful engineering problem where I get to write the problem as well as publish the solution manual --all the while someone left the finger-paints unchaperoned. It is a delightful dream!

There is something here for everyone: art for our Liberal Arts friends that actually had a social life and precise engineering rigor for my Engineering cohorts that spent most of their weekends working their technical problem sets. 

Custom pieces are also available for other coursework or a word problem that you just "love".